Thursday, 16 October 2008

Elegant Nantes

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babooshka said...

A Brummie who loves France? Guess what, I maybe the Ramsey blogger in the Isle Of Man, but I'm a Brummie, Bought up in the Black Country who is obsessed with France. Thanks for stopping by and alerting me to your blog. We just don't have building like this image here. I will be back to investigate this blog further.

Ps. Don't hold it against me but I'm also a Baggies fan. Someone has to be.

GrandAnglais said...

My word, there's quite a few of you exiled Brummies on the Isle Of Man aren't there? You're one of the lucky ones who's managed to escape! Yeah, I do love France, hence the name and abundance of photos from Nantes!
You're on my list and it'll be good to try and learn from a pro!
Exccellent taste in music I must say. As for being a Baggie, as a Bluenose I will tolerate if you'd been a Claret and Blue it would have been be a lot worse!
Boing, boing!