Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hare And Hounds, Kings Heath

Birmingham has some great pubs, so what better excuse but to honour them by photographing them? You know I suffer for my art! This Is the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath, south Birmingham. It's been modernised slightly with a trendy and expensive menu. But it's still very much a traditional English boozer with some wonderful Victoriana.


mannanan said...

Great photos....haven't been in this pub for many a year. Thanks for posting brought back memories as do all your great pics of good old Brum especially those of Gas Street Basin.Spent many a Sunday walking around this area then having a few pint in the Tap & Spile. Is it still there?

GrandAnglais said...

Yeah the Tap And Spile is still there, it's one of my favourite watering holes. there's many a great pub crawl to be had round there although the Tap And Spile is about the only decent one round the Broad Street area. The Prince of Wales is a nice one too, back of the Convention Centre. Welcome to my good pub guide!

Fiddy said...

I sang in the Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath once or twice :-)