Friday, 24 October 2008

Pub Crawl - The Final Leg - Bull Ring and Digbeth

A snapshot of the Birmingham skyline which reveals the changing nature of the city over the years. To the left of the picture the 1960's Rotunda building towering over the new Bull Ring shopping centre. In the centre St Martins church which has been beautifully restored, contrasting sharply with Selfridges just behind it. In the foreground, Birmingham open markets which date back to the 13th century, if I've done my reserach right.
Lord Nelson's statue, the Bull Ring complex. After taking the photo I felt a pang of conscience and picked up the wreath on the left which had been blown over due to very strong winds. It was heavy! The statue also serves as a war memorial, hence the flowers.
Ok, no more Selfridges shots, I realise it's becoming Birmingham's Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben, no one ever takes pictures of anything else. I wasn't sure when I saw the original designs but i must say I do think it is a spectacular building, especially when the thousands of silver discs catch the sun's rays, you can see it shimmering from miles away like a beacon. And I love the way it contrasts with St Martins church and the old Birmingham - they compliment eachother rather than clash. But I didn't even take a picture of the bull! That's for another post...
And so to Digbeth, dusty, dirty, noisy Digbeth. The white building is the police station. There are lots of pubs around here, and they're all Irish. No bad thing.
The flash went after this photo and my battery died...

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