Friday, 14 November 2008

How The Other Half Lives

Just how big does a house need to be? I guess it depends on how many people live in your family but some of the houses in my neighbourhood are of mansion-like proportions, while others(including yours truly)live in shoeboxes. But I consider myself lucky to be housed at all, given that there is a homeless village just a five minute walk from where I live. I included it in my post Homes For The Homeless two days ago. I’m not having a go at the rich or trying to make a political point, just an observation.

The homeless village.

This is one of many local pubs which have now closed down.

A typical urban housing estate across the road.

View towards the city. The two white tower blocks are familiar landmarks on the Birmingham skyline for the last thirty-seven years, known as the Sentinel Towers, both originally council-house dwellings, now under the control of a housing association. They are both 32-storeys high and are home to many unemployed and low-income families. The tourqouise-tinted tower just behind it is Beetham Tower, home to the upmarket Radisson Hotel and penthouse appartments which sell for up to 1.5 million pounds.

Walking up Wellington Road, away from Bristol Road, the landscape changes, the post-war tower blocks and maisonettes give way to large, detached houses which get bigger and grander the further you walk up the hill. I could swear the air is cleaner too.

This is one of the biggest houses in the road, it certainly has the biggest driveway. Apologies to the owners for violating their privacy, but if you live in a house that big you’ve got to expect to attract attentionEven the pets round here are a cut above your normal moggies or mongrels. Initially aloof, this fancy feline's curiosity eventually got the better of her.


Fiddy said...

Youv'e been tagged.

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Fiddy said...

The decline of Ye Olde Public Houses eh? Tragic :(

You ever been to Cotteridge park and photographed the two rocks that are apparently from the ice age?


babooshka said...

It's a shame to see al these pubs keep closing. What I reall hate is when they rename them something trendy. The city skyline I still vaguely recognise.

auntiegwen said...

When I was little I was desperate to live in a high rise flat ala Mary, Mungo and Midge (yes, I really am that old) and couldn't understand why my mum didn't want to !

Virginia said...

The plight of the homeless is a real concern here as well. what is the answer?
PS I have a new Paris blog you might like!!!!

GrandAnglais said...

Mary, Mungo and that takes me back! Your mum was right Gwen, I lived in a tower block for 18 months and it just goes against nature for human beings to live so high...
Bob I don't know those two rocks in Cotteridge but I know there's supposed to be piece of a meteorite which lies beside the main lake in Cannon Hill Park.