Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wilkommen In Birmingham

Time for a post, after an extended period of illness and having lent my camera to my ex who wanted who wanted to show off photographing the markets in Prague. I say, who needs to go to Prague when you've got the Frankfurt markets in Birmingham - the biggest German markets outside of Germany itself. Apparently. Great Bratwurst and beer. Prost!


mannanan said...

Great photos. I used to love visiting this place when I lived in Brum. Is the outside ice rink still there?

GrandAnglais said...

I think they haven't got it this year, which is a shame. I shall have to take a wander up Centenary Square next time and see if it's back again.

Fiddy said...

£6 a pint so I hear? [Well, a £3 deposit on the glass]

Great images again mate. You thought about going to Villa Park to take some snaps of the trophy room? ;-)


auntiegwen said...

I'll be in Birmingham at the weekend, will it still be there ?

GrandAnglais said...

Funny you should mention that Fid as I am planning on a photo shoot in Aston soon...Villa Park not on the agenda though!
Gwen I believe the markets are running until the 23rd of December so you'll be fine this weekend.