Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bah Homburg!

hancock bandw
This is a statue of the legendary British comedian Tony Hancock which surveys the traffic on the roundabout of Old Square, central Birmingham, linking the upper and lower ends of Corporation Street. I think it's quite an endearing statue with Hancock's trademark Homburg and his cup of tea. Hancock is hardly an heroic figure like a general or a pioneer of industry. But he is regarded with a lot of warmth and affection in the city of his birth, it's essentially his humbleness which is the appeal. And it makes me smile when I see the Chrtistmas tree besides him festooned in all of its lights and twinkling glory. Hancock remains unmoved and hardly bats an eyelid at the ever changing shop front displays enticing in the passers-by in their never-ending, frenzied quest to consume,consume, consume and "shop 'til they drop".
Like Hancock, I tend to let it all pass me by...
hancock statue

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